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Americans for Gun Safety (AGS) and the AGS Foundation (AGSF) have been folded into Third Way, an organization founded and operated by the former AGS and AGSF management team.

For Third Way’s latest gun safety policy and message guidance, please visit our gun issues page. There you can also find reports produced by AGS in a special sub-category.

For current gun safety data and other information, we recommend the American Hunters and Shooters Association, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, and Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

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Creating a 40-Hour Work Week for Prisoners

Author: Rachel Laser and Lanae Erickson
In The Culture Program


This module calls for the creation of a 40-Hour Work Week for prisoners—replacing idleness with productivity, education, personal responsibility, and self-improvement—so that they become productive members of their community upon release.


In 1988, there were 700,000 people in state and federal prisons. In 2008, 700,000 people will be released from prison. Based on past projections, nearly two-thirds of these ex-prisoners will be rearrested within 3 years of their release. The time to start addressing this “revolving door” problem is during incarceration. Yet most prisoners, instead of being held accountable for gaining the skills they need to be productive upon release, spend their time in idleness. This module describes the failures of the current approach to incarceration, proposes the establishment of a 40-Hour Work Week for prisoners that would replace idleness with productivity and make prisoners accountable for gaining the skills they need to become responsible members of their communities upon release, provides suggestions on how to roll out the event, and offers responses to possible critiques.

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