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Third Way Rounds-Out Ranks

As One Staffer Leaves for War, Group Brings on Experienced Hill, DC Hands

Washington—Third Way announced today that it has hired Anne Kim to run its Middle Class Project and Rachel Laser to direct its Abortion Initiative. Both also will serve as Senior Policy Advisors for the group. Third Way announced these and other additions to its policy team, just as the group bids a temporary farewell to Senior Policy Advisor Sean Barney, a Marine reservist who has been mobilized for service in Iraq.

Anne Kim comes to Third Way from the office of Representative Jim Cooper, where she served as Deputy Chief of Staff and Legislative Director. Prior to going to Capitol Hill in 2003, Kim spent three years at the Progressive Policy Institute, where she was a Fellow and Director of the Work, Family and Community Project, and five years in legal practice.

Rachel Laser joined Third Way from the National Women’s Law Center, where she served as Senior Counsel in the Health and Reproductive Rights Group and directed the Pharmacy Refusal Project. Prior to that, she served as General Counsel to the DC Planned Parenthood, practiced law and clerked for Federal Judge Peter Messitte in Maryland.

Barney, a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, serves as a machine gunner in the 25th Marines. He will be deployed to Iraq after two to three months of training scheduled to begin on December 1.

Third Way President Jonathan Cowan said in a statement: “We are honored to be joined by two people with the range of experience and skill that Anne Kim and Rachel Laser will bring to Third Way. They are just the people we were looking for to direct these crucial pieces of our work, and they will help us produce the products we need to help red state progressives reconnect with moderate Americans.”

Cowan continued: “We are sad to see Sean go, but we could not be prouder about why he is going. Sean Barney not only is one of the most thoughtful and talented people that we have ever known, he is one of the most patriotic and bravest. We wish him Godspeed in Iraq, and we look forward to his return to Third Way when his tour is completed.”

In addition to Kim and Laser, Third Way announced that Kate Blosveren and Jessica Dillon, both former Fellows of the group, had come on as full-time staffers, working in the policy unit. Blosveren is pursuing a Masters of Public Policy at Georgetown University, and Dillon just graduated from American University with a degree in politics, communications and government.

Cowan concluded his remarks by saying: “We are delighted with all of our new hires and confident that this is the right team to take us into a successful second year for this organization.”

Contact: Matt Bennett (202) 775-3768 x212

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