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Third Way Releases New National Security Report with Clark, Reid, Other Senior Congressional Leaders

“The Neo Con,” New Study on Bush Security Record, Rolled Out at Capitol Hill Press Conference

Washington: Third Way today issued a new report analyzing the Bush administration’s record on national security. The report was released at a press conference in the Capitol with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, retired General Wesley Clark, Assistant Minority Leader Dick Durbin, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, Senate Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Carl Levin, and founding Third Way Co-Chair Senator Thomas Carper. In The Neo Con: The Bush Defense Record by the Numbers, Third Way analyzed available data across seven key national security indicators: Iraq, terrorism (broadly defined), Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, the condition of the American military, and China. The report finds that the numbers lead to an indisputable conclusion that incompetence and a failed strategy have “helped lead us to this dangerous situation.”

Sharon Burke, Director of the Third Way National Security Project and principal author of the report, said in her remarks at the event: “We believed that it was time to take a hard look at our national security situation, with the United States at a crossroads in Iraq and facing enormous challenges in that region and around the world. We’re also five and half years into the administration of George W. Bush, and that’s a good time to take a look at the President’s results. Third Way set out to measure whether President Bush is making America safer. And the answer is no, based on our analysis.”

The Neo Con analyzed the Bush administration’s promises against the publicly available data in seven categories, and in each they were found lacking. Some of the findings include:

Burke concluded that “across the board, the numbers are troubling. They just don’t match the tough talk coming from the President, the Vice President and other members of the administration. The numbers don’t lie – the Bush strategy is not working.”

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