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Third Way Urges Bush to Get Tougher With China on IP

Washington: Today represents President Hu’s first visit to the United States since taking office, presenting President Bush with an opportunity to address our most urgent economic and national security issues relating to China. Third Way and the Progressive Policy Institute jointly sent a letter to President Bush noting their concern that the Mr. Bush will once again miss the opportunity to discuss the persistent violation of American intellectual property rights going on in China.

Jim Kessler, Vice President for Policy at Third Way, said in a statement:

“By chance, I just returned from China, spending the last few days in Guangzhou, which is now hosting their annual international trade fair. From reading the local papers there, it is clear that intellectual property protection and reducing barriers to American products will get only lip service from President Hu unless our president makes it a top priority. The Chinese have made a huge show out of creating a tiny, new office to go after intellectual property theft, while simultaneously inking a new trade deal to trumpet a major jet aircraft purchase deal with Boeing. In Mr. Hu’s mind, China has checked the box on America’s economic wish list so that he can move on to topics that are of greater importance to China. But checking the box is not good enough.

“The theft of American creative works, products, and patents costs the United States more than just money. It threatens our position as the international leader in knowledge and innovation. The systematic theft and counterfeiting of American goods in China must be addressed adequately and swiftly. The current situation, with American companies ceding billions of lost dollars, cannot continue.

“Security concerns top the Bush agenda for this visit, and it’s no wonder – this administration has talked tough, but they haven’t been smart with regard to North Korea and Iran. We are paying the price in many ways, one of which is that economic issues will fall far down the list of topics for discussion with President Hu.

“Expect a lot of fanfare coming out of this summit. Expect the appearance of progress on intellectual property and the reduction of trade barriers. Don’t expect results.”

Contact: Matt Bennett (202) 775-3768 x212

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